DUGHU is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

dughù v {1} [A; a] poke at s.t.
that is up high with a pole.
Dughúa ang kisami arun muhílum ang tagatáas, Thump on the ceiling so the people upstairs will quiet down.
Dughúi kug tam-bis, Knock some fruits down for me.
{2} [A123P; a12] get in-fested with bedbugs.
Dughuun ka (ang átung silya) kun adtu ka manini sa barátu, You (our chairs) will get infested with bed-bugs if you go to cheap moviehouses.
n {1} pole to poke with.
{2} bedbugs, lice in furniture (so-called from their propensity to bite from beneath).
-un a infested with bedbugs.

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