UGYAK is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

úgyak - A yell, shrill cry, loud outburst (of
joy, playfulness, etc.); a squeal, squeak; to
emit a shrill sound or cry, to yell, shout,
vociferate, squeak, squeal, to frolic, make
merry. (cf. údyak, húgyaw, síyak,

úgyon, To agree, concur, be of one accord,
be united, to cooperate, pull together, assist
each other, collaborate. Magúgyon kamó.
Be of one accord. Come to an agreement
(understanding). Pull together.
Ginugyonán níla ang pagbúhat sing
dálan. They agreed to build a road. (cf.
binuligáy, hiúgyon, hilitóhog, hisáhò,

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