TIMPLA is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

timpla v {1} [A; c] add s.t.
so as to season, flavor.
Himarat ang nagtimpla sa sabaw, Whoever seasoned the soup likes salt.
Maáyung itimpla ang kámay sa kapi, Sugar is good to put into co?
{2} [A; a2] prepare things in which s.t.
is mixed or added.
Timpláhi si Bíbig gátas, Mix some milk for Baby.
{3} [A13; a12] weigh, consider carefully before deciding.
Ikaw lay magtimpla kun mukúyug ka ba sa piknik, You decide for yourself if you are going to the picnic.
n {1} flavoring, seasoning.
{2} the propor-tions of a mixture.
Layaw ra ang timpla sa mása, The concrete mixture is too watery.
Unsa may timpla sa minása?
Tris dus u kwatru dus?
How is the dough to be mixed?
Three to two or four to two?
-da n {1} the solution or mixture that results.
Layaw ra ang timpláda sa litsi, The milk is too watery.
{2} temperament (slang).
Dì sila magkadúul kay nagkaláhì silag timpláda, They cant go together because their temperaments clash.
-du n s.t.
already seasoned, flavored.
Ayaw nag kamayi ang sampurádu kay timpládu na, Dont put sugar in the choco-late porridge because it is already sweetened.
-dur() n one who is in charge in mixing.
paN- v [A2; b6] size up s.
Kamau siyang manimplag táwu, He knows how to size people up.
Pan-impláhan nátù siyag ángay bang pangasaw-un, Lets size her up to see if she is worth marrying.
n opinion reached on sizing s.

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