KUNDAT is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

kundat v {1} [AC12; b] play together vigorously, usually in-volving physical contact.
Ganáhan siyang mukundat sa mga bátà, He likes to engage in horseplay with the children.
Gus-tung makigkundat ang irù sa bátà, The dog wants to play with the boy.
{2} [A; b6] move about noisily, in a fluttering or loud way, unbecoming to a woman.
Mikundat dáyun ang mga sil-bidúra pag-abut sa ílang mga súkì, The bar waitresses imme-diately flirted and acted noisily when their customers arrived.
Gikundátan kaáyu ku sa íyang sinayawan, I consider her way of dancing boisterous and unbecoming.
n horseplay, boisterous actions.
-an() a moving about in an exuberant, boisterous way, unbecoming to a woman.
v [B12] get to have these character-istics of behavior.
Nakundatan na kaáyu ang ámung míd, Our maid has become flirtatious now.

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