HUGAS is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

húgas v {1} [b6(1)] wash anything but clothes.
Hugási ang prútas únà kan-a, Wash the fruit before you eat it.
{2} [A; b6(1)] make clean in a religious or moral sense, purify.
Hugási ang ímung kangil-ad pinaági sa pagbag-u, Cleanse yourself of your immoral deeds by reforming.
{3} [A; a] exterminate, rid a place of s.t.
Wà mahúgas ni Hitlir ang mga Hudíyu, Hitler did not succeed in exterminating the Jews.
() n s.t.
used to clean, esp.
the swab for cleaning palm toddy dregs out of the tube in which it had been gathered.
paN- v [A2; b6(1)] wash oneself.
-in- n dishwater.
-un() n dishes to be washed.
-an() n {1} place for washing.
{2} = hugasun.
paN-an() = hugasan, n 1.

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