BILIN is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

bílin - Order, command, commission,
injunction; to order, enjoin, command, give
an order to, direct, dispose, rule; pabílin—
to remain; stay, be left behind. Anó ang
bílin mo? What is (was) your order? May
igabílin ikáw sa Ilóng-ílong? Have you an
order for Iloilo? Bínli (for bilíni) ang ímo
útud nga padálhan níya akó sing isá ka
páres nga maáyo nga sapátos. Order your
brother to send me a pair of good boots.
Magpabílin ka sa baláy. Stay (remain) at
home. Mapabílin ikáw sa baláy? Are you
remaining at home? Shall you stop at
home? Ginpabílin siá sa baláy ni nánay.
Mother left him at home or told him to stop
at home. Ipabílin siá sa baláy. See to it
that he stops at home. (cf. túgon, sógò,
sálà, bilín).

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