LINE is a word in English with its meaning.

Form of a vessel as shown by the outlines of vertical,
horizontal, and oblique sections.

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Cebuano: bilangga

Cebuano: bukinggan

English: stippling

English: monadiform

Cebuano: rami

English: invert

Hiligaynon: tambasakan

English: licentiate

English: sempster

English: soothsaying

English: sea rover

Hiligaynon: tamba

English: top

English: wind-sucking

English: knotted

Hiligaynon: pasunaid

Ilokano: bitibit

English: orthography

English: supernaculum

Cebuano: dikuluris

Hiligaynon: teniente

English: marten

Hiligaynon: pika

English: deputize

English: haemadrometer

English: indigogen

English: ingravidation

English: coshering

English: ophidian

English: foreknowingly

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Cebuano: lumus

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English: tacked

Hiligaynon: magkopo

English: urdu

English: superexcination

English: brag

English: existence

English: quiddling

Hiligaynon: alangkon

Cebuano: kirilya

Cebuano: bastar

English: recourse

English: cricket

English: transgress

Hiligaynon: madinuha-duhaon

Cebuano: tiligrapu

Ilokano: agiing

English: weave

Hiligaynon: indi

English: biscayan

English: hawing

English: classifiable

English: intersectional

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English: abduct

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