LIAD is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

liad v {1} [A2] bend or throw ones body backward.
Dílì makaliad ang bátà kay ákung gigunítan ang abága, The baby can not throw his body backward because Im holding onto his shoulder.
{2} [A; a12P] be in a position with the stomach sticking out and shoulders back.
Dílì ka muliad ug maglakaw ka, Dont walk with your stomach sticking out a in a position with the stomach sticking out and the shoulders back.
{3} [B3(1); b6] for lumber to warp or twist.
Nagkalíad ang mga káhuy nga gibulad sa ínit, The pieces of wood they dried under the heat of sun are getting warped.
liadlíad v {1} [A13] writhe about in pain.
Nagliadlíad siya sa kasakit, He is writhing in pain.
{2} [A13; c1] walk with a distended stomach due to pregnancy or obesity.
Nagliadlíad ang mabdus nga naglakaw sa karsáda, The pregnant woman walked down the street with her stomach sticking out.

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