A is a word in Ilokano with its meaning in English.

adv. indeed, of course; then: a confirmatory particle that is used at the end of a word, phrase or sentence. Wen a. Yes, indeed.

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English: pannikin

Hiligaynon: hibo, hibo

English: popple

English: trap

English: faille

English: dear-loved

Hiligaynon: dagandan

English: penult

Tagalog: tapon

English: archy

English: insulation

Hiligaynon: sibay

English: midmain

English: pollenize

English: drone

Cebuano: wasi

English: primordially

English: procession

English: agamous

Cebuano: buwang

English: maestro

English: three

English: attame

English: lacunose

English: erect

English: tomaley

English: meerschaum

English: token

English: crash

English: mucid

English: cheek

English: philippium

English: bathe

Hiligaynon: kagamhanan

Hiligaynon: tandog

English: acceptive

English: lighten

English: order

Tagalog: relyeno

English: protruded

Hiligaynon: sinanga-sanga

Hiligaynon: mutsatso

English: flour

English: ibidem

Hiligaynon: taramnan

English: despicableness

English: bird

English: tunnel

English: forego

English: indobriton

English: turn

English: breech

Cebuano: igwalis

Cebuano: tap-ak

English: auctioneer

English: orbital

English: order

English: grapeless

English: topic

Cebuano: midiya

English: demur

English: chartographer

English: pimple

English: sinning

English: free will

English: infratrochlear

English: scorpioid

Hiligaynon: inas

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