UN- is a word in English with its meaning.

An inseparable verbal prefix or particle. It is prefixed: (a) To
verbs to express the contrary, and not the simple negative, of the
action of the verb to which it is prefixed; as in uncoil, undo, unfold.
(b) To nouns to form verbs expressing privation of the thing, quality,
or state expressed by the noun, or separation from it; as in unchild,
unsex. Sometimes particles and participial adjectives formed with this
prefix coincide in form with compounds of the negative prefix un- (see
2d Un-); as in undone (from undo), meaning unfastened, ruined; and
undone (from 2d un- and done) meaning not done, not finished. Un- is
sometimes used with an intensive force merely; as in unloose.

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