TO is a word in English with its meaning.

As sign of the infinitive, to had originally the use of last
defined, governing the infinitive as a verbal noun, and connecting it
as indirect object with a preceding verb or adjective; thus, ready to
go, i.e., ready unto going; good to eat, i.e., good for eating; I do my
utmost to lead my life pleasantly. But it has come to be the almost
constant prefix to the infinitive, even in situations where it has no
prepositional meaning, as where the infinitive is direct object or
subject; thus, I love to learn, i.e., I love learning; to die for one's
country is noble, i.e., the dying for one's country. Where the
infinitive denotes the design or purpose, good usage formerly allowed
the prefixing of for to the to; as, what went ye out for see? (Matt.
xi. 8).

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