TIGPUD is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

tigpud a {1} food that has been cooked crisp and brittle.
Tig-pud pagkaprítu ang isdà, The fish has been fried until it is crisp and brittle.
{2} for teeth or other things with sharp points to be broken o?
Talhi ring tigpud nga lápis, Sharpen the pencil because it is broken.
v [B26] {1} get cooked brittle.
Mutigpud (matigpud) ug bálik ang sitsarun ug inítun pag-usab, The pork rinds will get brittle if you reheat them.
{2} be, become weak and easily broken, chip o?
Ang karmilítus makatigpud (makapatigpud) sa ngípun, Candy ruins your teeth.
Nagkatig-pud ang ákung bag-ang, My molar is chipping o?

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