LUNGA is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

lunga, lungà v {1} [A2C23; b(1)] give up doing s.t.
which one had been doing with great expenditure of e?
Wà siya mulungag pangítà sa nawálang anak, He didnt give up in his search for the lost child.
Ayaw siya lung-i (lunghi) ug sugsg hangtud muhílak, Dont stop your relentless teasing until she cries.
{2} [B26] stop from bothering, subside.
Mulunga lang ang íyang húbak kun mutumar siyag tambal, Her asthma attacks do not stop until she takes her medicine.
a not persisting in ones work, working o?
and on.
-an() = lungà, a.

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