HILA is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

hílà v [A; a1] {1} move, do s.t.
slowly while at the same time wiggling the body.
Naghílà siya sa dálan, She wiggled as she walked down the street.
Ayaw hiláa (ihílà) ang ímung linihukan kay mu ra kag báyut, Dont wiggle while you walk or you will look like a fairy.
{2} wriggle staying in place or wriggle out of s.t.
Nagawas ang bátà sa banig kay mihílà man, The baby wriggled o?
the edge of the mat.
Gihílà na lang sa ginápus ang íyang láwas arun muiskápu, The man that was tied wriggled around in order to escape.
{3} cheat, swindle s.t.
out of s.
Gihílà níla ang katigayúnan sa tigúlang, They swindled the property out of the old man.
() n an edible marine slug, usually found clinging to stones.
hilàhilà n general name for slugs and snails, land and marine.
hilahílà v [A; b6] {1} wriggle around.
{2} remain seated, instead of working.
Makahilàhílà ka kay daghan kag masúgù, You can a?
ord to sit on your behind because you have lots of servants.

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