HABUL is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

habul v [A; a] weave with a hand loom.
Habla ang lánut, Weave the abaca fibers in a hand loom.
n = hablun, 1.
() n blanket, sheet, or anything used as covering for sleeping.
v [A; b6(1)] {1} cover s.
with a blanket.
Habúli ang bátà, Cover the child with a blanket.
{2} envelope, enshroud in an atmo-spheric condition.
Búkid nga gihabúlan ug gábun, A moun-tain enshrouded in mist.
{3} drink liquor before going to sleep.
Maáyu níyang pagkatúlug kay naghábul na nag tubà, He slept soundly because he drank toddy before going to bed (lit.
took toddy as a blanket).
hablun n {1} hand loom.
{2} cloth woven in a hand loom.
v {1} = habul, v.
{2} [A; b6] wear hand-woven cloth.
halablan, hagbanan, hagbunan, hablunan, hablanan, ha-labúlan = hablun, n 1.
habulhabul n {1} thin membrane that separates the skin of the abdomen from the intestines and stom-ach.
{2} thin membrane between the egg white and the shell.

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