DOCK is a word in English with its meaning.

A genus of plants (Rumex), some species of which are
well-known weeds which have a long taproot and are difficult of

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Hiligaynon: lingganayan

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Hiligaynon: palamus-onan

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English: unclutch

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Hiligaynon: alimbuyug

English: pericardian

English: embryo

English: sufficiently

English: weed

English: throw

English: kirk

English: flexural

English: ophiurioid

English: keratose

English: regalement

English: sursanure

English: pohagen

English: galvanology

English: rhabdoidal

Gay lingo: anda, ades

Hiligaynon: bao

English: unseat

English: burlesque

English: lascivious

English: expectorative

English: fibbed

English: ducatoon

English: hemostatic

English: spill

English: overdo

English: nihilist

English: wherefore

English: hurlbone

English: immeability

English: exanimous

English: exacter

English: right-angled

English: tenebrificous

English: extancy

English: retinol

English: mastax

English: dissuader

English: excurse

English: intensated

English: stud

English: impenetrable

English: cacoxenite

English: furzeling

English: quadruplex

Cebuano: ubug

English: kneepiece

Cebuano: nangnang

English: load

English: digitiform

Hiligaynon: pinanimad-unan

English: dodge

English: node

English: impaint

English: vomica

English: scoley

English: conflict

English: disgrace

English: nook-shotten

English: semioxygenated

Hiligaynon: bilog-bilog

English: cochleated

English: portuguese

English: raffle

English: rafty

English: shaper

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Hiligaynon: bungan-bunganan

English: self-murderer

English: headachy

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English: incus

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