UTITID is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

utitíd - Care, solicitude, diligence; to do or
perform with care, take charge of, cater for,
treat well, manage with zeal, apply oneself
with right good will (with an eye to one’s
own interest or advantage). Utitirá (-idá)
siá. Take care of him. Look well after him.
Maálam gid siá magutitíd sinâ. He knows
very well to manage that and to look to his
own profit. Ginautitíd níya sa gihápon ang
tanán nga mga buluháton níya. He

habitually performs all his duties well (with
an eye to his own advantage). N.B. Utitirá
siá. (H) Utitidá (tána). (B) has at times
also the meaning: Exact a strict account of
him. Make him pay back every centavo,
every favour received, or the like. (cf. tátap,
sagúd, sapópo, písan, úkud).

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