TUHAY is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

túhay - Different, unlike, dissimilar,
disparate, unequal, not the same; to be
different, differ in form, quality, nature,
etc., to be unlike to. Túhay (nagakatúhay)
gid ang íla mga batásan. Their habits are
quite different. Akó ákon túhay sing
panghunâhúnà. I am of a different opinion
(mind). I think otherwise, differently.
Nagtúhay na ang dágway sang íya baláy,
kay ginpintahán níya nga matahúm na
tulúkon. The exterior aspect of his house is
quite different now, for he has painted it in
a way pleasant to look upon. (cf. laín).

tuháy, Used sometimes as adjective for
túhay—different, another, etc.

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