TIPAS is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

tipas v {1} [A2; c] veer, go in a new direction.
Mitipas siyag láing dálan arun dílì siya hikit-an, He turned o?
onto another road, so they wouldnt find him.
{1a} take o?
the way, turn away from ones goals.
Ayawg itipas ang ímung panganduy ngadtu sa kahiláyan, Dont let your ambitions veer to lustful pleasures.
Inay idiritsu níyag hatud ang babáyi gitipas sa awáawng dapit, Instead of taking the girl directly home, he took her o?
to a deserted place.
{2} [A23] for a conversation to take a new tack.
Mitipas ang ílang panagsulti ngadtus pulitika, Their conversa-tion shifted to politics.
hi-ha- v [B1256] be caused to veer, devi-ate.
Nahitipas na nà sa maáyung pamatásan, That is far from good manners.
-anan(), -l-an(), -an() n fork in a road, place where one turns o?
in a new direction.
tipasak v [A; c] splash hard against s.t.
Mitipasak ang ulan gíkan sa sandayung, Rain splashed from the gutter.
n splashing against s.t.

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