TALES is a word in English with its meaning.

The writ by which such persons are

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Hiligaynon: kawo

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English: clomb

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English: paradigmatic

English: beneficient

English: solitary

English: finessing

English: surnamed

English: hesperian

English: flame

English: transfuge

English: arbutus

English: dynastical

Cebuano: imakulada

Hiligaynon: praskita

Tagalog: suya

English: cornered

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English: abdicated

English: biweekly

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Ilokano: unsuy

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English: superfuse

Hiligaynon: lapta

English: posthumed

Hiligaynon: kinot

English: starched

Hiligaynon: pahimunong

English: radio-flagellata

Cebuano: suba

English: exit

English: wode

Hiligaynon: tislok

English: impersuadable

English: mooder

English: gorgonacea

Cebuano: simaluna

English: macruroid

English: scout

Hiligaynon: hagunus

English: price

English: wifeless

Hiligaynon: tutub

English: assassinous

English: bob

English: cochineal

English: anodynous

Cebuano: buhus

English: bandeaux

Tagalog: hatak

English: push

English: frequentation

English: tutor

English: pituitous

English: tailored

English: shag

English: isopodous

English: unprayed

English: cruive

English: digammated

English: revive

Hiligaynon: sin

English: farse

Hiligaynon: ragatnat

English: coquette

English: getterup

English: shielddrake

English: catoptron

English: bouche

English: cultivate

English: grammalogue

English: unskill

English: slip

English: absolvatory

English: fencing

English: interhyal

English: palmyra

English: solicitude

Hiligaynon: monggo

English: nepheline

English: utopianism

English: receptible

English: effluence

Cebuano: litratu

Ilokano: tugaw

Cebuano: sanap

English: pikeman

Ilokano: ad-adda

Ilokano: marapegpeg

English: betrayed

English: calycinal

English: overwhelm

English: explosion

English: bouffe

English: ending

English: sea willow

English: goman

Tagalog: pinid3

English: barbarities

English: duper

English: knuckle

English: retrocede

English: hermetical

English: alarmed

English: discommunity

Cebuano: bandana

English: illuminatism

English: aesculapian

English: wyten

English: peel

English: ungual

English: colonical

Cebuano: punay

Cebuano: kalis

Cebuano: laskuta

Cebuano: lawitan