SUNGKU is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

sungkù v {1} [A2; c] reach up to a point.
Musungkù ang Krismas tri sa pisami, The Christmas tree touches the ceiling.
Isungkù ang kural sa kílid sa balay, Have the fence reach the side of the house.
{1a} [a3b2] bump ones head against s.t.
Nasungkù ang ákung úlu sa sanga, Ouch!
I bumped my head against the branch.
{2} [A; a12] go to see s.
for a purpose.
Akuy musungkù sa mga táwu arun sila mahibalu nga may trabáhu ugmà, I will go notify the people that there will be work tomorrow.
Gisungkù ku ang ákung inahan arun papuy-un dinhi sa Sugbu, I went to fetch my mother to have her live here in Cebu.
sa reaching as far as.
Sungkù sa lángit ang ákung kalípay, My happiness knows no bounds (lit.
reaches the heavens).

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