SUGUT is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

sugút - Conform, conformable, agreeable,
agreeing, willing, granting; to agree,
accede, defer to, fall in with, concur, assent,
acquiesce, to conform to, approve of. Sugút
ka sinâ? Do you agree to that? Do you
allow it or approve of it? Nagkasugtánay
na silá. They have come to an agreement or
understanding. Indì mo siá pagsúgtan
sang amó nga mga butáng. Don’t give him
your consent with regard to those things.
Pasúgta siá. Let him agree. Make him give
his consent. Pasúgti siá. Let him have his

súg-o – sukíb
way. Balasolón gid ang batásan sádtong
mga ginikánan nga íla ginapasúgtan lang
ang íla mga bátà sang tanán níla nga
luyáglúyag. It is very blameworthy in those
parents who allow their children to have
their own way in everything.

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