SHARE is a word in English with its meaning.

To partake of, use, or experience, with others; to have a
portion of; to take and possess in common; as, to share a shelter with

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Cebuano: krismas

Ilokano: dissaag

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English: ravished

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English: subulate

Tagalog: kahulugan

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Cebuano: lamhuy

Hiligaynon: almendra

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English: orthopterous

English: eminency

English: pilled

English: weepful

Hiligaynon: albino

English: replete

English: friabiiity

Cebuano: bastus

English: pediceled

English: rape

English: vestryman

English: converse

English: gymnosophist

Hiligaynon: elektromotor

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English: bookstore

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Cebuano: wist

Tagalog: medya

Cebuano: musyun

English: caravan

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Hiligaynon: sinangula, sinangula

English: plebeianized

Hiligaynon: puna

English: cast

English: sad

English: clingy

English: volador

English: space

Cebuano: dispuwis

Waray: buyhaw

Hiligaynon: buang

English: rested

Ilokano: mangmangged

Cebuano: hilada

English: derivative

English: crack

Hiligaynon: atsi

Hiligaynon: buhin

English: aim

English: deary

Cebuano: ingkuwintru

English: dysuria

English: catling

English: versemonger

English: tepee

English: homatropine

English: broach

Cebuano: taliwtiw

English: crew

English: execute

English: fall

English: gross

English: versability

Ilokano: agnobio

Hiligaynon: batas

English: enumeration

English: fronted

English: mockery

English: condensed

English: immalleable

English: evaporated

English: whalemen

English: ride

English: release

English: tinctorial

Cebuano: ilitirit

English: current

English: purposer

Cebuano: lingaw

Cebuano: hayiskul

English: metrical

Cebuano: suub

Cebuano: tikstu

English: conclusion

English: abandoned

English: immanation

Hiligaynon: manunuyo; manunuyo

English: quality

English: function

English: paraboliform

English: feeble

English: heralding

English: appreciation

Cebuano: ikis

English: deliberative

Hiligaynon: apyan

English: shame

English: allhallowtide

English: conclude

English: valor

English: salaried

English: malmbrick

Cebuano: wak

Cebuano: balug

Cebuano: argumintu

Hiligaynon: hilinumduman

English: thaw

English: avidious

English: ladin

English: armistice

English: emulation

English: rekindle

English: disappropriate

Waray: balitang

English: preparative

English: indeterminable

English: corroborant

English: nonmalignant

English: dishing

English: pink-eyed

English: rut

English: famish

English: clap

English: domesticate

English: fenci-ble

English: tore

English: nuncupate

Ilokano: kusim

English: inconcerning

Ilokano: gayagay

Tagalog: alay

English: kneadable

English: cat's-tail

English: amassing

English: abstract

English: meteor

English: disaccustom

English: cnemial

English: mortification

English: fought

English: peculation