SAKBIT is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

sakbit a adjacent, very near.
Ang ákung lamísa sakbit sa kang Abil, My table is beside Abels.
v {1} [C; ac] be near, next to each other.
Nagkasakbit sila paglingkud sa sini, They happened to sit beside each other in the movies.
{2} [AC; b] touch lightly, brush against.
Ang ílang gipanagsultíhan misakbit sa Kumu-nismu, Their conversation touched on the subject of Commu-nism.
Nasakbitan ang bátà sa naghagurus nga awtu, A speeding car brushed the child.
{3} [A; a] snatch s.t.
from s.
Gisakbit ang ílang kalubihan kay wà makabáyad sa útang, They lost their coconut lands because they couldnt pay their debts.
Nakasakbit kug pila ka púlung sa ílang panagsulti, I caught a few snatches of their conversation.
sakbut v [A; ab2] {1} scoop, get by cupping in the hand.
Musak-but kug usa ka kumkum bugas, I will scoop out a handful of rice.
{2} snatch, grab s.t.
Gisakbut níya ang kwarta nga gibit-bit sa táwu, He snatched the money the man was holding.
{3} get fruits with a sakbut.
n fruit picker made of a blade to which a basket or bag is attached, tied to a pole.

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