PITIK is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

pitik v {1} [A; b] flick s.t.
with the thumb and forefinger.
Kinsay nagpitik sa ákung dawunggan?
Who flicked my ear?
Gipitkan níyang ákung kúmù, He flicked my knuckles.
{1a} [A; c] flick s.t.
away with the fingers.
Anhà sa astri ipitik ang sigarilyu, Flick your ashes into the ash tray.
{1b} [A; b] in carpentry, mark a line on a piece of wood by stretching a string soaked in dye or soot and letting it snap onto the wood.
{1c} [A; ab2] shot with a slingshot.
Pitkun ku nang manuk ihálas, Ill shoot that wild chicken with a slingshot.
{1d} [A; b6] whip s.
with s.t.
small, making a snapping sound.
Ákung gipitkan ang íyang tiil ug tualya, I flicked a towel at his legs.
{2} [A] for the heart or pulse to beat.
Nagpitik pa ang íyang pulsu, His pulse is still beating.
{2a} [A] for the heart to beat for s.
Mupitik lang ang ákung kasingkásing kang Artúru, My heart beats only for Arturo.
{3} [A; c1] make a click, as when a mechanism is released.
Mipitik lang ang pistúla.
Wà nay bála, The pistol clicked.
There were no more bullets.
Pahíyum kay ákù nang pitkun (ipitik) ang kamira, Smile because Im going to snap the camera now.
n {1} s.t.
which flicks or snaps: slingshot, chalk line in carpentry, et al.
{2} beating of the heart.
{3} clicking, snapping sound.
{4} action of flicking or snapping.
-in-n {1} continuous sound of the heartbeat.
{2} the dictates of the heart.
Sunda ang pinitik sa ímung kasingkásing, Follow the dictates of your heart.

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