PECORA is a word in English with its meaning.

An extensive division of ruminants, including the
antelopes, deer, and cattle.

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Tagalog: bukod

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Hiligaynon: kamison

Cebuano: tabyus

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Hiligaynon: apok

Hiligaynon: poto

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Ilokano: nag-an

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Hiligaynon: kabastos

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Hiligaynon: sikyap, sik-yap

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Cebuano: kuyaknit

Hiligaynon: pakilooy

English: water celery

English: misdeal

English: devise

English: squarrulose

English: unquestioned

English: procephalic

English: crocheting

Hiligaynon: sangyaw

English: slate

English: surbased

Hiligaynon: mulay

English: upheld

English: microscopical

Cebuano: dalupang

English: ministered

English: idiom

English: clump

English: excision

English: drabbed

English: naphthoquinone

English: benign

Hiligaynon: rehimiento

English: beat

Tagalog: saklolo

English: mandarin

English: stem

Cebuano: intuy

English: jet

English: machining

Ilokano: ulimek

English: maggoty

Tagalog: tatas

English: buckskin

English: accourage

English: vaso-inhibitory

English: listing

English: water tower

English: hexahedron

English: interluder

English: assay

English: retentivity

English: synonymy

Hiligaynon: pinkas

English: boggy

English: natural

English: sweep

English: reserve

Tagalog: raha

Hiligaynon: panghuyab

English: sorbefacient

English: indoctrinate

English: glairin

English: glimpse

Cebuano: pistula

Hiligaynon: alkitran

English: invaluable

English: mouline

English: localize

English: imphee

English: corve

English: roll

English: condor

Cebuano: buting

English: instant

Waray: namusurot

English: tuck

English: alength

English: cross

English: canterbury

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English: cutwal

English: briery

English: pimp

Cebuano: pugapu

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English: heel

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English: superplus

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