PARTI is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

parti n {1} share of s.t.
Tagáan ta kag usa ka parti, Ill give you one share.
Kwarta parti, A quarter part.
{2} part assigned to s.
in a play, program, and similar activity.
Unsay ímung parti sa dráma?
Whats your part in the drama?
{3} a specific part of a certain location or place.
Háin kang parti sa Mindanaw puyù?
In what part of Mindanao do you live?
{4} concerning about.
Nangutána siya parti sa nahitabù, He asked about what happened.
Parti sa ímung anak ayaw kabaláka, Dont worry about your son.
v [A; c] {1} divide s.t.
{2} relay a message; report.
Iparti ni nátù dáyun, Let us report this immediately.
-da n {1} message, report.
-da dibawtismu baptismal certificate.
{2} share, part of s.t.
v = parti, v.

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