PANGDUL is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

pangdul v [B12; b8] {1} stub ones toe.
Pagtan-aw sa ímung lak-tan arun dílì ka mapangdul, Look where youre going so you dont stub your toes.
{2} mispronounce a word in speech due to haste or di?
culty in speaking.
Basta magpaspas tag sulti mapangdul usáhay ta, We are bound to mispronounce once in a while if we speak fast.
pangdulpangdul v [B145] {1} keep stubbing the toes.
{2} be hard up financially.
Nagkapangdulpangdul na sila nga wà na ang ílang amahan, They are in bad financial straits now that their father is dead.
a hard up financially.
ka-an n obstacle.

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