PAINDIS-INDIS is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

paindís-índis - To compete, contest,
contend for, vie with, strive for with

somebody else; competition, contest, race,
match. Nagapaindísíndis silá sa
pagdalágan, sa paglúmpat, sa paglangóy,
etc. They are having a contest in running,
jumping, swimming, etc. Paindísindisá silá
sa pagpangítà sing madámù nga mga
umalamót. Let them vie with each other in
finding many contributors or subscribers.
Ipaindísíndis sa íla ang pagbúhat sing isá
ka matahúm nga baláybay. Let them
compete for the making of a beautiful
poem. Let them see which of them can
compose the most beautiful poem. Ang
makadaúg sa paindísíndis magabáton
sing isá ka isulúlat nga buláwan. The
winner in the competition will receive a
golden pen. (pa, indísíndis).

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