PA is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

pa {1} still, yet: up to now, up to a specific point in the past.
Natúlug pa si Pidru, Pedro is still asleep.
Si Huwan pay naabut, So far only John has arrived.
{1a} with measurements: only [so-and-so much] up to now.
Tungà pa ug túbig ang baril, The barrel is still only half full of water.
{1b} dílì, walà {1b1} not yet.
Ang linung-ag nga ságing walà pa malútù, The boiled bananas are not cooked yet.
{1b2} before.
Hipúsa ang libru sa dílì pa si Pápa muabut, Put the book away before Dad arrives.
Sa wà pay gíra, Before the war.
{2} else, in addition.
{2a} with future verb: [so-and-so] will still happen.
Sulatan pa nákù si Husi, I still have to write to José.
{2b} with a past verb: [did] besides.
Human siya sagpáa, gisultían pa ug pait, He was slapped and bitter words were said to him as well.
{2c} with existential: [so-and-so] also is in existence.
Náa pa bay túbig sa baril?
Is there any more water in the barrel?
{2d} interrogative : {2d1} what, where, why, etc.
Kinsa pay muadtu?
Who else will go?
{2d2} what, where, why, etc.
could it be.
Unsa pa ug dílì kwarta?
What could it be if not money?
Ngánu pa nga ikaw giyud?
Why, oh why, was it you, of all people?
{2d3} unsa, háin -y [noun]-un what [noun] are you talking about?
Unsa pay radiyúhun nga dúgay nang gikáwat, What radio are you talking about when it was stolen long ago.
{2e} in phrases bringing up a new subject: láin y átù by the way, to change the subject.
Láin pay átù, minyù ka na ba?
By the way, are you married?
mau diay átù by the way, I just thought of it.
Mau pa diay átù, wà ta kadág abridur, It just occurred to me.
We didnt bring a can opener.
úsà, ísà, tayim excuse me a second (lit.
one more second).
Ísà pa kay ákung pagngun ang radiyu, Excuse me.
I am going to turn o?
the radio.
{2f} in phrases meaning in addition: bísan even .
too, despite.
Bísan pa ang mga bátà giapil, Even the children were included.
Bísan pa niánà, dì ku muadtu, Despite that, I wont go!
gawas, lábut besides.
Gawas (lábut) pa niánà, unsa pa may púlung níya?
Besides that, what else did he say?
labaw in addition to.
Labaw pa niánà tagáan tikag primiyu, And in addition, I will give you a reward.
{3} [predicate] is superfluous; [do] when one shouldnt or shouldnt have to.
Ug nagbayadbáyad pa siya nga wà man tu kinahanglána, And he was paying for it when there was no need.
Ipakítà pa giyud níya mu rag dílì baratuhun, Heavens!
She has to show o?
, as if it werent s.t.
{3a} [do] some more so that [such-and-such] a bad thing will happen again.
Nasagpaan ka.
Panabì pa, You got yourself a slapping.
Go on.
Blabber some more.
Nadagmà ka núun.
Sígi, dágan pa, You fell down.
Go on.
Keep on running around (so you can fall again).
{3b} thats what happens when you do [so-and-so].
Minyù pa.
Mu ra na kag irung panit, That is what you get for getting married.
Youre no better o?
than a mangy dog.
{3c} walà nay [doubled verb] didnt even do [so-and-so] though it is customary.
Gipalit níya ang kutsi dihàdihà nga wà nay hangyùhangyù pa, He bought the car, then and there, without even bargaining.
{3d} mau y [verb] [so-and-so] was the case, which was bad enough, but then .
Mau pay kisì, ímu pung iuran ug sígi, nadúnut, It was already torn.
You kept wearing it, so it was ruined.
{3d1} mau y [verb, adj.
] .
mau y [verb, adj.
] he [did, does] and yet dared, dares to do [so-and-so] in addition.
Mau pay sad-an mau pay mangísug, He is at fault, but he dares to get mad.
Mau pay nangáyù mau pay mipílì, He is asking the favor and yet he is choosy.
{4} [subject] is still in a group with other things mentioned.
Ang íhu isdà.
Isdà pa ba ang pági?
Sharks are fish; are rays also considered fish?
{4a} málu nà thats not so bad, is it?
Sígi málu pa nà ug makadiyis ka, Go ahead.
If you make ten bucks on it, that aint bad.
{5} in comparisons: even more.
Gwápa pa ka kang Maríya, You are more beautiful than Mary.
{5a} [adj.
] pay [subject] [subject] is more [adj.
] than .
Lamì pay lamaw niíni, This is worse than garbage.
Garbage is more delicious than this.
) Lisud pay magkaug mani, Its harder to eat peanuts than do this.
{6} in quotations, preceded by gen.
: [gen.
] said.
Ug mau tu ang nahitabù, níya pa, And that is all what happened, he said.
{6a} mátud [gen.
] [gen.
] says, said.
Mátud pa níla aku dílì ángay, They say I am not worthy.
{6b} siya he said.
Kay na, siya pa, unsáun man nákù?
Well, said he, what can I do?
{6c} sa átù in other words.
Aw, sa átù pa diyis ákung ibáyad nímu, Oh, in other words, ten is what I pay you.
{7} with the apodosis of a condition contrary to fact.
Ug walà pa nímu kawáta, ngánung náa man nà nímu?
If you hadnt stolen it, why do you have it?
{7a} [noun] y [noun, pronoun, adj.
] if [noun] were [noun, pronoun, adj.
Aku pay Huwan, If I were John.
Aku pay ikaw (aku pa nímu), If I were you.
Aku pay dátù, If I were rich.
Aku pa nímu, níya, If I were you, him.
Kami pa ninyu, níla, If we were you, them.
{7b} [predicate] y ímu!
[so-and-so] is stupendous in quantity, quality (lit.
if you could only see [such-and-such]).
Mais pay ímu, sus kadaghan!
If you could only see my corn.
Theres a lot.
Si Pidru pay ímu, káun giyud tug irù, Believe me, Pedro will eat dog meat, and how!
{7b1} [noun] y ákù I never thought [so-and-so] was what he was.
Si Pidru pay ákù may kirída diay nà siya, I never thought it was possible, but Pedro has a mistress.
{7c} lámang see lámang, 4b, c.
{7d} agad, maáyu it would be, would have been better if, it would have been good.
Maáyu (agad) pa untà ug átung napintálan ang kahun úsà gawía, It would have been better if we had painted the box before we used it.
Agad (maáyu) pa ug magtuun ka kay sa magkantakanta, You would do better to study than just sit around singing.
{7e} hináut, básin, básun I hope that.
Hináut pang dílì muulan, I hope it wont rain.
{8} modifying a phrase referring to time: [so-and-so] recently happened, wont happen until .
Dílì madala ug bálik ugmà, Huybis pa, I cannot bring it back tomorrow.
Not until Thursday.
Bag-u pa siya nga milakaw, He left just now.
Gíkan pa siya sa Manílà, He is just back from Manila.
Karun pa siya muabut gíkan sa Buhul, He arrived just now from Bohol.
{8a1} ayhà, anhà only then [will so-and-so] happen.
Ayhà (anhà) pa siya mulíhuk ug pakit-an ug latigu, He only moves if he sees a whip.
{8a2} dihà only then [so-and-so] happened.
Dihà pa siya mutuun nga hápit na ang iksámin, He only started to study when it was nearly exam time.
{8b} mau y [abstract form] or [instrumental passive] that is the first time [abstract] happened, [instrumental passive] will happen.
Mau pay pagkadungug nákù niánà, That is the first time I heard that.
Mau pay ilung-ag ug mudtu na, Dont cook it until noon.
(The first time to cook it when its noon.
) {8c} [future verb abstract form] but then when [so-and-so] was done.
Dúgay nákung limpiyu sa salug.
Baldiyúhan pa nákù, human dáyun, It took me a long time to clean the floor.
But then when I hosed it down, it was finished right away.
Pag-abri pa nákù sa subri, wà diay sulud, When I opened the envelope, there was nothing in it after all.
dáan [subject] knew [so-and-so] in advance.
Dáan pa lagi ku, I knew that long ago!
{9} much less [do].
Dì gánì aku makasulti, kanta pa, I cannot even talk, much less sing.
Dì gánì aku makahímù niánà, ikaw pa, I cant even do that, much less you.

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