PA is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

pa- derivational verb-forming a?
x to which inflectional a?
xes are added without morphophonemic alternation.
{1} referring to actions one has caused s.
to do (either to s.t.
else or to oneself).
Palútù ta ug sud-an, Lets have s.
prepare (lútù) some food.
Palutúun nátù si Maríya, Lets have Maria cook.
Ipalútù ang sud-an, Have the food cooked.
Patupi ta, Lets get a haircut (cause s.
to cut hair [tupi]).
{1a} added to adjectives.
{1a1} have s.
make s.t.
Ipaitum ang ákung sapátus, Have s.
dye my shoes black.
{1a2} have s.t.
become [adj.
Patambúkun ta ka sa uma, Well fatten you up on the farm.
{1b} added to nouns: cause s.
to do [the action that verbs derived from the noun refer to].
Gustu ka ba pabakyà?
You want me to hit you with a wooden slipper (cause me to use the bakyà)?
Dì ku paulípun, I will not let myself be made a slave.
{2} added to doubled adjectives: pretend to be.
Ayaw pasakitsákit dihà, Dont pretend to be sick!
Nagpadiyusdiyusnun ang sungáyan, The devil is pretending to be saintly.
{3} added to nouns: go to [noun].
Padaplin ug dì ka gustung hiligsan, Get out of the way if you dont want to get run over.
Papiliw ba ang ímung sakayan run?
Is your boat headed for the shallow waters now?

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