LIBAK is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

libak v [AN; a1] backbite, say bad things about s.
when his back is turned or cannot understand them.
Maáyung mudáyig sa atubángan, manlibak sa luyu, She says nice things to your face, but turn your back, and youll get it.
pa- v [A; ac] allow s.
to backbite.
walà, dílì pa- appear right after being spoken about.
Walà palibak si Duruy ug nakaabut sa ámung ínum, Talk about the devil and there he is Doroy arrived at our drinking session just as we were discussing him.
n backbiting.
-iru(), maN-r-(), ma-un() a given to backbiting.
v [B12] be, become fond of backbiting.
-ira() = -iru() (female).

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