KUGANG is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

kugang a startled.
Hastang kugánga nákù paglagpak sa sira, God!
How that slamming door startled me!
v [B1256; b4(1)] startle, be startled.
Nakugang (nakugangan) ku sa pagbutu sa ribintadur, I was startled when the firecracker burst.
ku-gangkugang n {1} skin eruptions on some parts of the body of various sizes, thought to be caused by fear, fright, or being startled.
This disease is usually diagnosed in small children and the cure is smoke treatment with the kugangkugang herb.
{2} low-growing, woody herb of waste places used to treat children who have the skin eruptions also called kugangkugang.
The ku-gangkugang is set on fire just after sundown, and the child is made to inhale the smoke.
The treatment is repeated for three consecutive afternoons.

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