INTERCONNECT is a word in English with its meaning.

To join together.

Words for further learning

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English: periergy

English: hautein

Cebuano: yawit

English: anticivic

English: maternity

English: marbled

English: apodes

Cebuano: irmana

English: schistosity

English: intolerable

Cebuano: dilantadu

Cebuano: dupa

English: prismy

Hiligaynon: kalipunat

Hiligaynon: kalagan

English: syngenesious

English: kemp

English: square-toes

English: discontentment

English: protract

English: detractingly

English: depreciation

English: discipliner

English: mandoline

English: iconodulist

English: jointer

English: learned

English: megohm

English: imp

English: vitriolate

English: jactation

English: phrensy

English: stammerer

English: pining

English: lager beer

English: peevish

English: renneting

English: outwit

English: feudalism

English: torque

English: areopagite

English: cheater

English: volcanic

Cebuano: sulput

English: but

English: residency

English: flashing

English: generability

English: point

English: interrex

English: piecemeal

English: salve

Hiligaynon: pasikto

English: preve

Hiligaynon: paningkalas

English: street

Hiligaynon: plansa

Cebuano: istinugrapir

English: rock

English: busket

English: unyoke

English: matching

English: mechanographist

English: pull

English: calendar

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English: carbohydrate

Hiligaynon: lugun-lugun

Hiligaynon: tungup

English: nominate

English: homoioptoton

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Hiligaynon: bantolid

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Hiligaynon: medyo

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