IBAN is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

ibán - (H) Other, another, the others,
some, someone else, the rest. Dílì akó
súbung sang ibán. I am not like the rest—
or—I am different from others. Dílì akó
mangákò siníng trabáho; mangítà ka sing
ibán. I am not going to undertake this
work; try to find somebody else. Dílì ákon
iníng kálò, kóndì íya sang ibán. This hat
does not belong to me, but to someone else.
Ang ibán nagapaísug, ang ibán

nagapatálaw sa íya. Some are
encouraging, others are discouraging him.
Ang ibán nagapakamaáyo siní, ang ibán
nagapakaláin. Some approve of this,
others are against it. (cf. laín, túhay).

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