HENOTHEISM is a word in English with its meaning.

Primitive religion in which each of several divinities
is regarded as independent, and is worshiped without reference to the

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Hiligaynon: malugpis

Tagalog: lahad

English: burke

Hiligaynon: patohok, patohok

English: reins

English: proximal

English: register

English: forester

Ilokano: puto

English: whiffing

English: flustering

Hiligaynon: kaalay

English: overwhelm

English: balsa

English: ceratospongiae

English: betterness

English: joinder

English: cloisteral

English: marquess

English: carcasses

English: substantive

English: recalcitration

English: tectology

English: circumscriptive

Cebuano: bakuna

English: rampage

Cebuano: argulya

English: bounce

English: soss

Tagalog: sapak

English: avert

English: abetter

Ilokano: bung-or

English: lay

English: unpractical

English: blame

English: mezzo-soprano

English: fulgurite

Cebuano: tagalula

English: mistakenly

English: assets

Hiligaynon: bugtaw

Cebuano: baag

English: trundle

English: habeas corpus

English: scire facias

English: para grass

English: uplander

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English: venefice

Cebuano: abansadu

English: subhyoidean

English: linking

English: riddler

English: juggled

English: tidley

English: whistler

Hiligaynon: pamagting

English: caboose

English: velvetleaf

English: virulent

Hiligaynon: maalum

English: taurine

English: pume

English: gallon

English: scutellated

English: trophy

English: fluidized

English: truncate

English: dandle

English: cartbote

English: accommodate

English: incurrent

Hiligaynon: kapakokan

English: toss

English: trot

Cebuano: punga

English: bandy

English: podophyllin

English: overfill

English: mutter

English: draw

Ilokano: idi

English: dilatation

English: circuit

English: retraict

Tagalog: gastador

English: bird fancier

Tagalog: pare

Ilokano: aon

English: ambassage

English: alone

English: wartweed

English: base

English: alligator

English: cry

English: rullichies

English: polyacoustic

English: incongenial

English: cockhorse

English: guilt-sick

English: praefloration

English: embossed

English: sauce

English: spadefuls

English: idolize

English: diamagnet

Cebuano: bigni

English: miser

English: preaortic

English: move

English: threshold

English: utopical

English: combinable

English: generalizer

English: christendom

English: down

English: lacquer

Hiligaynon: magano, mag-ano

English: guard

Tagalog: atrasado

English: cover

English: warn

Cebuano: asirkasu

English: wrapper

English: chime

English: knee

English: bunnian

English: anglo-saxondom

English: tartramic

English: secant

English: asafoetida

English: train oil

English: sheen

Hiligaynon: ipoy-ipoy

Cebuano: lapta

Hiligaynon: ipyosan

English: bemingle

Tagalog: silip

Cebuano: lulu

English: glaymore

English: photomicrograph

Hiligaynon: kalabatan

English: vertigo

Tagalog: puto

Tagalog: sarado

Cebuano: langigngig

English: treater

English: ate

English: dodecastyle

English: side

English: loose

English: pomeranian

English: choke

English: victualing

Cebuano: kurunil

English: childhood

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English: tongo

English: allonge

English: departing

English: bolster

English: uncorrect

English: salary

English: delegation

English: pigmentary

English: melaena

English: orchestral

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English: preach

Hiligaynon: kobot

English: advising

English: destitute

Cebuano: bastun

English: fluxion

Cebuano: iti

English: water sprite

English: docking

Hiligaynon: taliwis

English: climate

Cebuano: saklit

English: nowel

Cebuano: bula

English: syncopal

English: stand

Cebuano: luha

English: cyst

Hiligaynon: palumpat

English: chase

English: dosology

English: forehear

English: barometrograph

English: privity

Hiligaynon: pamaligya

English: escopette

English: allomerism

English: mortgager

Ilokano: siim

English: authotype

English: must

English: quadricornous

Hiligaynon: hambal

English: single

English: adenose

English: crossopterygian

English: spawn

Tagalog: hitit

English: pearl

English: boyishness

English: pardoner

English: hematite

Cebuano: tumar

Hiligaynon: insayo

English: fumigate

English: circumscription

English: solidness

English: illinition

English: shambling

English: ameliorable

English: fomites

English: perform

English: beaconed

English: bowtel

English: hydrophlorone

English: flossy

English: subdiaconate

English: co-unite

English: vandal

Hiligaynon: anila

English: recipe

English: look

English: equalness

English: delicate

Tagalog: bawi

English: rusticate

English: obscurement

English: juvenile

Cebuano: ismagling

English: shiite

English: colin

English: carnival

English: admixture

English: interred

English: cant

English: ocelot

English: slipperwort

English: episodical

English: appointment

Tagalog: dies

Waray: siyam

English: hotchpotch

English: tricoccous

English: stifle

English: gentianic

English: drab

English: sillabub

English: histolytic

English: thymic

Hiligaynon: hiwod-hiwod

English: breastplate

English: vegetable

English: stupid

English: allotriophagy

Ilokano: sidduker

English: holla

English: drab

English: scutch

English: prospect

English: votarist

English: turnwrest

Hiligaynon: tangon

English: keeper

English: iced

English: dilute

Hiligaynon: panimba

Waray: rasa

English: noyer

English: gallimaufries

English: beccabunga

English: thundering

English: aitch

English: helicograph

English: perispore

English: yardwand

English: holometabola

English: septette

English: friend

English: prosecution

English: crotchetiness

English: emerited

English: remark

Tagalog: esmi

English: tutty

English: sarcophagi

English: proverbialist

English: photographic

English: give

English: grand-ducal

English: hydrosulphide

English: copplestone

English: optics

English: shamois

English: obligatoriness

English: specially

English: circulation

Hiligaynon: luok

English: shahin

Tagalog: himala

English: rediae

English: bakery

Hiligaynon: pangab-ot

Hiligaynon: binial

Ilokano: didigra

English: jack

English: valuably

English: forcing

English: metabola

Cebuano: tapu

English: fall

English: icelandic

English: diligence

English: conversably

English: allay

English: stramash

English: commorancy

Hiligaynon: oktubre

English: complainant

English: created

English: twister

Hiligaynon: nena

English: disfigured

English: rat-tail

Ilokano: sabikel

English: deliberative

English: binomial

English: snuff

English: limonin

English: sap

English: ftiction

English: obduction

English: warble

English: undergrown

English: shearer

English: administrant

English: indulgence

English: spend

English: instantaneous

Hiligaynon: sulukusak, sulukusak

English: fete

English: crisscross

Hiligaynon: pamayo

English: cracked

English: estophed

Tagalog: atsuwete

English: northeastern

English: wash

Hiligaynon: honhon

English: pneumococcus

English: gelable

English: boride

Hiligaynon: panapak

Hiligaynon: nobyo

English: yuga

English: shame

English: radiate

English: synovia

English: perspiration

English: piece

English: raught

Cebuano: karunsing

English: naturalize

English: remembrancer

English: croaking

English: snout

English: deuteropathy

English: mastery

Cebuano: kumpruntr

English: pseudologist

Hiligaynon: paunga-unga

English: wind-sucker

English: chastisable

English: palesie

Hiligaynon: harothot

Hiligaynon: padog-padog

English: rhomb spar

English: till

Hiligaynon: welgista

English: drinking

English: disallow

Hiligaynon: kahita

Hiligaynon: dughan

English: assisted

English: knot

English: uptrace

English: die

English: strain

English: ritualist

English: counterwait

Hiligaynon: bukad

English: scorpion

English: line

English: chiminage

English: arsenide

English: contradicting

English: butcherly

Cebuano: barilis

English: placentae

English: stuff

English: indicative

English: resplit

English: hunchbacked

Cebuano: amigu

Hiligaynon: bino

Tagalog: kabaong

English: boycotted

English: fabella

English: ventriloquize

English: foretokening

Cebuano: bugkut

English: chokedar

English: deglutination

English: bellman

Cebuano: saway

English: begotten

English: wag

Hiligaynon: hudianan

Hiligaynon: grasa

English: bury

Hiligaynon: kakulion

Hiligaynon: kadulman

English: list

English: algaroth

English: aggravated

English: vertex

English: returnless

Tagalog: hampaslupa

Tagalog: mata-pobre

English: frock

Cebuano: karlang

English: jeremiad

Cebuano: lanulin

English: dyehouse

English: reconciled

English: dull-witted

English: recur

Tagalog: tenga

English: half

English: mixogamous

English: bishop's-weed

Hiligaynon: akli

Cebuano: sanmarkus

English: slaving

English: talking

English: coom

English: afflatus

English: actinozoon

English: bothnic

English: masticable

Ilokano: gawgaw

English: andropetalous

English: chain

English: crustaceologist

Ilokano: kasasaad

English: flat

Hiligaynon: buhay-buhay

Hiligaynon: dating

Hiligaynon: apok

English: vagabond

English: siderostat

English: spicula

Cebuano: yuga

Cebuano: yamu

Hiligaynon: pitad

English: hairbird

English: imperative

English: beldam

English: temperature

English: guttate

English: queen

English: curtailed

English: tibia

English: sharply

English: prepare

Hiligaynon: nawi

English: copepoda

English: piece

English: oblong

English: lewisson

Hiligaynon: konseho

English: fertilization

English: atomical

English: spontaneity

English: lenticular

Hiligaynon: tingad

English: placarded

English: call

English: mercurializing

English: zoo-

English: gold