GLYPTOGRAPHY is a word in English with its meaning.

The art or process of engraving on precious stones.

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Cebuano: hagus

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Tagalog: tampipi

English: redeem

Gay lingo: okray

English: liparite

English: article

English: farm

English: hoodoo

English: high-hoe

Tagalog: pisngi

English: thinning

English: misery

English: impalpably

Hiligaynon: kaalayhan

English: drawcansir

English: beverage

Ilokano: sulek

English: humanized

English: fud

English: enodation

Tagalog: tihaya

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Waray: baga

English: subquinquefid

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English: racketer

English: gangrenescent

Ilokano: pagarup

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Cebuano: suskritur

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Cebuano: lamuy

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