GASTU is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

gastu v {1} [A2; a] spend money.
Nakagastu silag dakù sa dispidída, They spent a large amount of money for the farewell party.
Makakuput gánì ug kwarta gastúhun dáyun, Whenever she lays her hands on money, she spends it right away.
{1a} give a banquet on a lavish scale.
Gastúhan ku giyud ang ákung kumplianyu, Ill hold a big dinner for my birthday.
{2} [A; b6(1)] spend for some undertaking.
Ang kumpaníya mauy naggastu sa íyang pagtuun, The company is paying for his studies.
{3} [A; a] use time, e?
ort for some undertaking.
Gastúha ang ímung kusug sa maáyung katuyúan, Use your strength for good purposes.
n {1} expenditures.
{2} sumptuous feast as entertainment.
a requiring great expense.
Gastu na kaáyu kun grandi ang kasal, It means a great expense if the wedding is on a grand scale.
pára {1} s.t.
put out for public use for free.
Pára gastu ning puspuru, These matches are for public use.
{1a} player on a team used for minor duties which are not significant enough to warrant the expenditure of a major team member.
{2} for ones personal use.
Kining kutsi pára gastu.
Dílì paabángan, This car is for personal use, not for rent.
galastúhan, galastuhan, kagastúhan n expenses to be incurred.
di- see digastu.
-s = gastu, n, a.
-su a expensive, requiring lots of money.
Gastúsu kaáyu ang pagtinir ug kutsi, Its very expensive to have a car.
v [B125; B6] entail lots of expense.

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