FATHERS-IN-LAW is a word in English with its meaning.

of Father-in-law

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Cebuano: kunsilyu

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Cebuano: sungput

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Hiligaynon: taputul

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English: routhe

English: merkin

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Hiligaynon: loko-lokoan

English: seemingly

English: delinquent

English: patient

Tagalog: awas

English: backwards

English: laterally

English: piggin

Hiligaynon: bis

English: contiguous

English: angiospermous

Cebuano: apahap

Hiligaynon: tikyahad, tikyahad

English: neurotic

English: pathfinder

Hiligaynon: hagpok

Hiligaynon: mahanus

English: diamagnetically

English: consecution

Hiligaynon: sobol-sobol

English: resistance

English: internal

English: pakfong

English: weeper

Hiligaynon: talahuron

Hiligaynon: numero

English: bald

Cebuano: bakyaw

Hiligaynon: panimaan

English: advocacy

English: orbity

English: passegarde

English: panoply

Hiligaynon: harana

English: suddenty

English: whiting

English: ejaculator

English: snast

English: storax

Cebuano: aprisir

English: synoecious

English: overheavy

Tagalog: gupit

English: inaugurate

Hiligaynon: paganya

English: gait

English: line

English: nicker nut

English: canonic

English: stith

Hiligaynon: paguya-guya

English: capsule

Ilokano: kuttong

English: anaemic

Cebuano: amut

English: attaint

English: indulgently

English: fury

English: anacrotism

English: balize

Tagalog: ahensiya

English: billingsgate

English: rechless

English: biflorous

English: photogenic

English: ubiquitary

English: information

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English: godchild

English: plumula

English: rossel

English: anarthropodous

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Hiligaynon: bokol

Hiligaynon: impisa