ANOD is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

ánod - To float, glide or swim along the
surface of a fluid, to carry off (of liquids).
Ginánod sang subâ ang ákon dútà. The
river carried off my land. Andamí ang imó
nga káhoy nga malapít sa subâ, kay básì
anóron (anódon) sang sulúg. Look after
your timber lying near the river, for it may
be carried off by the current. Ang kawáyan
nga pulúnton ginapaánod sa subâ.
Bamboos for fish-traps are floated down
the river. Ipaánod—or—paanóra
(paanóda) ang káhoy. Float the wood. Get
the wood down by floating. Paanóri
(paanódi) ang túbig sing kawáyan. Throw
a bamboo in to float on the water. (cf.
utáw-útaw, lutáw, kútaw).
anók. Well cooked, boiled till soft. Anók
nga kán-on, lánkà, kamóti, etc. Rice boiled
till soft, a well cooked jackfruit, thoroughly
done sweet potatoes, etc.

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