PUNTUS is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

puntus n {1} points in a game.
{1a} blow in boxing as reckoned as a criteria for winning a game.
{2} mahjong player.
Dì sila makadúlà ug madyung ug kúlang ang puntus, They cant play mahjong if there are not enough players.
{2a} regular player at a certain gambling joint.
a {1} superior in any way (slang).
Usa ray ákung uyab piru puntus man sab, I have only one girl but she really is s.t.
Ang puntus nga mga bisíta ispisyal giyud nga pagkatagad, Important visitors should be given special treat-ment.
{2} for a statement or opinion to be loaded with bright ideas.
Diyútay ra siyag sulti, piru ug mutíngug, puntus pud, He doesnt have much to say, but when he speaks, it is to the point.
v {1} [A] score.
{1a} [A2N; b2] land a good blow at s.
Bísag gamay si Tiryu nakapuntus sab sa íyang kuntra, Though Terry is small he managed to land a blow on his opponent.
{2} [A; c1] have a player or players for a mahjong game.
-ay() n game played for points.
v [A13; a12] play for points.

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