HUNGAW is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

hungáw - Pervious to air or odour, not
air-tight, leaky, porous; to be pervious to
air, smell, etc. Nagahungáw ang bíno sa
botílya. The smell of the wine is escaping
through the bottle. Sungsungí ang botílya
sing maáyo, agúd nga índì maghungáw
ang bínò. Cork the bottle well, lest air
should come in contact with the wine.
Ginhungawán kamí dídto sang báhò sang
ginamús nga sa sulúd sang pasók. We
were annoyed there by the smell of salt fish
coming from the bamboo-receptacle.
Hungáw nga paníngug. A sound or voice
that escapes, a piercing shriek. (cf.

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