HUMUL is a word in Cebuano with its meaning in English.

húmul v {1} [A; b(1)] soak, steep.
Nakahúmul ka sa mga nuug nga átung labhan?
Have you soaked the rags we are going to wash?
Humúli ang isdà sa súkà, Marinate the fish in vinegar.
{2} [A13; b(1)] immerse, put oneself or s.t.
in water so as to cover most of it.
Ug maghúmul ka sa túbig dílì lagi tugnaw, Once you get in the water, it is not cold after all.
Humúli ang kábaw sa túbig, Put the carabao in the water.
{3} [A; c] pack s.t.
in ice for preservation.
Ihúmul ang isdà sa yílu arun dì madubuk, Pack the fish in ice so that it wont spoil.
(), -in-an n fish packed in ice for preservation.

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