HAGUD is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

hágud - To oil, anoint, grease, rub in fat,
tallow, etc. Hagúda (—úra) ánay ang
hénero, agúd maghapús ang pagtahî. Rub
some fat into the cloth, that it may be easy
to sew. Ginhágud níya ang háblon sing
táro, kay kon dílì masápnot ang pagsodó
sang ángkub. She first rubbed tallow into
the materials for weaving, for otherwise it
is difficult to beat the weft up to the web
with the reed. Metaphorically: to waste,
misspend, wear out. Nagahágud lang siá
dídto sang íya nga ádlaw, panápton, etc.
He merely wastes his time there, wears out
his clothes, etc. (cf. pálhit, háplas; úsik,

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