GLOSSARY is a word in English with its meaning.

A collection of glosses or explanations of words and
passages of a work or author; a partial dictionary of a work, an
author, a dialect, art, or science, explaining archaic, technical, or
other uncommon words.

Words for further learning

English: decomposing

Cebuano: ilitirit

English: bunch

Waray: mayaman

English: demonstrableness

English: though

English: edictal

Tagalog: longganisa

English: besmear

English: scragged

English: chic

English: personage

English: defecate

English: syrinx

English: osculate

English: runner

English: unpeered

English: zoide

English: pomology

Cebuano: talukbuy

Cebuano: tipulu

English: pinging

English: brave

English: flyblow

English: out-of-the-way

Cebuano: hulut

English: pentagonally

English: thorough

English: unactive

English: cassino

English: grain

English: coffer

English: burr

English: weedy

English: leech

English: omenta

English: polyscope

English: inch

Cebuano: mirkanu

English: guarantee

English: recontinue

English: hilar

Hiligaynon: tabo-tabo

English: mindless

English: incrustate

English: hashed

English: lest

English: realize

Cebuano: nambir

English: cognitive

English: co-allies

English: perused

English: gigantine

Tagalog: opisina

English: chaw

English: vendor

English: swerd

English: plowable

English: succinite

English: body

English: estreat

English: cuckoldize

English: endoneurium

English: mimotannic

Cebuano: hambuk

English: eclogue

English: piteous

English: shell

English: helmet

English: boxberry

English: berlin

English: prosily

English: ascertain

English: bondsman

English: author

Hiligaynon: kaamion

English: credit mobilier

English: dietitian

English: amphicarpic

English: persuasible

English: wiseling

English: engyn

English: stubbled

English: staled

English: keved

English: chafing

English: dwelt

English: august

English: sharp

English: sagittocyst

English: lunching

English: glove

English: glimmer

English: retractive

English: amuser

English: wanly

Hiligaynon: paagaw

Cebuano: kalamri

English: inoculate

Hiligaynon: kabuot

English: mortar

English: cater

English: duramen

English: glorified

Cebuano: palariti

Hiligaynon: kinagut

Cebuano: pulu

English: motherly

English: americanism

English: anglican

English: faithful

Hiligaynon: lalang

English: endless

English: galoshe

English: unaccountable

English: confesser

English: recoil

English: exon

English: positivist

Hiligaynon: matahimik

English: inexplicableness

English: fingering

English: exact

English: sitting

Cebuano: duta

Cebuano: iskina

English: collation

English: officialism

English: disconcerted

English: nonterm

English: confounding

English: impracticability

English: unit

English: heugh

Hiligaynon: hayhay

English: aramean

English: presbyteress

English: meetinghouse

Cebuano: banbanun

English: season

English: agaric

English: provoking

English: liquefaction

English: patterning

English: enwomb

English: revegetate

English: needle

English: void

English: sulks

Cebuano: langtu

English: bouge

Cebuano: ming

English: penguin

English: sclerodermous

English: volary

English: imperial

Hiligaynon: suba-suba

English: foreright

English: periphrased

English: triclinium

English: penwiper

Hiligaynon: pangaraskas

English: shearbill

Cebuano: indur

Gay lingo: urky

English: racquet

English: percher

English: gastro-

English: overlook

English: saturnian

Tagalog: dominggo

English: delphic

English: regiment

English: accomplish

English: crannied

Cebuano: sang

English: staging

English: disguise

English: coiled

Hiligaynon: balay

English: unequal

English: hangers-on

English: nitroso-

English: -ous

Hiligaynon: bakabaka

English: looking

Waray: bungto

English: antecedent

Waray: banios

Cebuano: prupisur

English: strong

English: make

English: low-mindedness

Hiligaynon: kapihak

English: expositor

Hiligaynon: kainiton

Hiligaynon: pangadwas

English: adversaries

English: disprofit

English: son

Cebuano: hayaw

English: phthisipneumony

Hiligaynon: hulung

English: whitetop

English: piddock

English: triphthongal

English: thysanuran

Cebuano: pyungku

English: vulcanian

English: fulgurite

English: constitution

Cebuano: sigarilyu

English: unionist

English: vermeologist

English: jairou

Hiligaynon: paaso

English: prior

English: diffusively

English: cobaltite

Hiligaynon: sugid-sugid

English: mainprising

English: radiance

Hiligaynon: lapad

English: victrix

English: benzyl

English: balderdash

English: practical

English: auxiliary

Hiligaynon: mabinatoon

English: expand

Hiligaynon: hatdan

English: intrinsicalness

English: twitter

English: wandering

English: belle

English: punctulated

Hiligaynon: tuhaw

English: outlawing

English: modest

English: mortifying

English: glycol

English: contrive

English: cross

English: scantly

Cebuano: kalam

English: creature

Cebuano: dangat

English: dies

English: incursive

English: mace

English: pruned

Hiligaynon: tiphag

English: pectoriloquy

English: eleventh

English: eyesore

English: pantofle

English: parasite

English: maneuverer

English: obtected

English: sweetening

English: stimulating

Cebuano: piskur

Waray: tangkal

English: mot

English: base

English: monoceros

Tagalog: ingay

English: bosjesman

Cebuano: sundang

English: tortulous

English: deligate

English: materially

English: hypocrystalline

English: excuse

Hiligaynon: ran

English: petulant

English: moment

English: occultly

English: paeony

English: skim

Cebuano: tisay

English: repress

Hiligaynon: talabiris

English: boulangerite

English: typography

Cebuano: tigsu

English: prefinition

English: unseeming

English: coulisse

English: unobtrusive

English: conciliable

Cebuano: talad

Cebuano: dyis

English: hight

English: heavy

Tagalog: juju

English: deplorement

English: will

Cebuano: alun

English: orthogonal

English: prigidity

English: post

English: cockneys

Hiligaynon: sungdol

English: biocellate

English: malar

English: embloom

Hiligaynon: napulo’g

English: coat

English: emanation

Hiligaynon: sulpo

English: warega fly

English: cringe

English: altarist

Cebuano: tata

English: hase

English: bullion

English: hip

English: verificative

English: questionist

Cebuano: igking

English: applaud

Cebuano: palhi

English: pass

English: carousing

English: ligature

English: bib

Cebuano: rilyinu

English: cribellum

Cebuano: ikstiriyur

English: ascend

English: impeach

Hiligaynon: bupanda

English: exannulate

English: parietary

English: fairy

English: steepen

English: swanpan

English: cribriform

English: sconce

Hiligaynon: idulungug

English: even

English: abscond

Cebuano: atadu

English: moppet

English: superheater

English: addable

English: caterwaul

Hiligaynon: kulutlan

Tagalog: sarado

English: fjord

English: soss

Tagalog: opera

English: jugulum

English: inscribing

Cebuano: pal-ak

English: slabber

Hiligaynon: ton-an

English: cross-springer

English: telugu

English: imperious

English: quartering

English: passementerie

English: dichotomy

Gay lingo: antibiotic

English: fowl

Hiligaynon: ritak

English: sterile

Hiligaynon: ansyas-ansyas

English: protract

English: strapping

English: shiplet

Hiligaynon: taga

English: forgather

English: aqueity

English: genesee epoch

Cebuano: burud

English: ambushment

English: precociousness

English: horologiographic

English: waste

English: circumclusion

English: dissert

English: creable

English: survening

English: subterfuge

English: academic

English: suck

Cebuano: pakupak

English: auction

English: multinodous

English: innoxious

English: paraph

English: supernaculum

English: pennon

English: buckled

English: partnership

English: overfill

English: monetize

English: stretcher

English: haystalk

English: factitious

Cebuano: maratun

English: expediently

Hiligaynon: kaugatan

English: soporiferous

English: weathermost

English: face

English: swiftly

Hiligaynon: okot

English: object

English: revelation

English: pecary

English: employe

English: anthelmintic

Hiligaynon: mahuol

English: grave

English: take-off

English: obscenities

Tagalog: bulak

Cebuano: aptudit

English: secularism

English: frizzling

English: mulattoes

Tagalog: tungo

English: dissatisfied

Cebuano: kabin

English: eruca

English: felonious

English: sheer

English: epanody

English: bristle

English: vermination

English: somebody

English: satanism

Cebuano: kapatas

Hiligaynon: panagustos

Waray: lawud

English: find

Hiligaynon: diksionaryo

English: acrania

English: wringing

English: beylic

English: inexpediently

Hiligaynon: pangipol

English: manicheist

English: munificence

English: commensalism

Cebuano: sisig

English: kitten

English: coronate

English: grapple

English: faith

English: anthropomorphism

English: disgarrison

English: immanacled

English: stitching

English: dredge

English: snib

English: afoot

English: behight

English: mutilation

Tagalog: bayan

English: book

Cebuano: gunuk

English: verbalize

English: tokay

English: reembarkation

English: suffragist

English: cherup

English: interpolate

English: range

English: postorbital

Cebuano: yamukmuk

English: explosive

English: remitment

Cebuano: bida

English: spirobacteria

Cebuano: anab

English: desperately

English: dialing

English: provisor

English: africanism

Hiligaynon: pus-ak

English: snobby

English: unshapen

English: tetterous

Cebuano: hubashubas

Hiligaynon: isdog, isdog

English: create

English: digressing

English: inwall

English: gelatinate

English: travail

English: secco

Cebuano: atribir

English: depauperated

English: burial

English: virgate

English: picture