DALUM is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

dálum - Depth, profundity, deepness: to
deepen, make—, become—, deep.
Nagdálum ang lúblub tungúd sang
madámol nga ulán. The defile deepened on
account of the heavy rain. Ginpadálum níla
ang búhò. They dug the hole deep.
Padálma (Padalúma) ang búhò sang
lusóng. Deepen the cavity of the ricepounding mortar. Ginpadálman
(Pinadálman, Pinadalúman) níya ang
amó nga butáng sang íya painóíno. He
thought profoundly over it. He pondered
long and deeply over that matter.
Nagapadálum siá sang íya nga painóíno.
He is thinking deeply, profoundly. (cf.
nábaw—to be shallow, etc.).

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