BA-OG is a word in Hiligaynon with its meaning in English.

bá-og - Bad, foul, rotten, said of eggs,
especially of those having a dead chicken
inside; to spoil, become rotten or foul, to go
bad (of eggs). Figuratively: unsuccessful, to
no purpose; to be or become a failure.
Nagbáog ang ítlog. The egg is bad. Mga
ítlog nga báog. Rotten eggs. Báog nga táo.
An unsuccessful man, one who is unlucky
or meets with failure. Nagbáog ang íla nga
katuyoán. Their plan or intention was not
carried out, came to naught, was shelved,
etc. Nabaógan gid silá sang íla nga
ginkasugtánan. Their agreement was of
short duration,—did not last long,—was
soon forgotten.

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