TIE is a word in English with its meaning.

To unite firmly; to fasten; to hold.

Words for further learning

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Ilokano: laga

Hiligaynon: hupsaray

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Tagalog: almirol

English: etrurian

Cebuano: lagum

Hiligaynon: relihiosa, -o

English: oilseed

English: contraposition

English: irregulate

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Hiligaynon: takaw

English: empyrosis

Cebuano: pulburun

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Tagalog: inggit

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Cebuano: kalat

English: hunter

Hiligaynon: hagok

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English: untrunked

Hiligaynon: sukab

English: relief

English: scraping

English: eraser

Waray: yatot

English: pet

English: besayle

English: repose

Hiligaynon: bihag

English: blue book

Hiligaynon: ihulungit

English: bedtick

English: coldly

English: aether

Waray: tuhod

Hiligaynon: pinangdan

English: maintenance

English: crepe

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English: exigencies

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English: woodless

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Cebuano: yapayapa

Hiligaynon: sal-ag

Cebuano: paruliru

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English: behalf

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Cebuano: tikas

English: cultirostres

Cebuano: batayan

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English: coucher

English: diversivolent

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English: en-

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Cebuano: ungul

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Hiligaynon: biso

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Hiligaynon: uson, uson

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Cebuano: kumuda

English: blood

Cebuano: i

Hiligaynon: angkwa

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Ilokano: pulting

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Ilokano: sarak

English: thencefrom

Hiligaynon: inogpasuka

English: looped

Hiligaynon: papha

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English: hypnotizing

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Hiligaynon: banko, banko

English: nightingale

Ilokano: seksek

Cebuano: dira

English: vibrissae

Cebuano: tul

Cebuano: salas

English: nocturne

Tagalog: haba

Hiligaynon: amirispis

English: etching

English: water mint

English: rankle

English: lobcock

English: terpenylic

English: stock

English: dronte

English: polymorphism

English: superheater

English: shed

English: consequential

English: calendarial

English: author

English: saturator

English: versicle

Hiligaynon: tukud

English: inconcinnity

English: prime

Cebuano: sambiri

English: denotate

English: efface

English: point-blank

English: pithy

English: tobogganed

English: candying

English: ancientness

English: evolation

English: presentness

English: mamma

English: grateful

English: abridging

English: portrayer

English: varlet

English: cocagne

English: mussing

English: decanal

English: suspension

English: debasement

English: formulate

Cebuano: labang

Cebuano: tahuy

English: jab

English: warty

English: wallaby

English: suit

English: stem

English: metalloid

English: wattle

English: constablery

English: versificator

English: quote

Hiligaynon: bulinaw

English: hernial

Hiligaynon: entiero

English: brash

English: check

English: speculum

English: crept

English: poison

Ilokano: saliwasiw

English: doffing

English: ball-flower

Hiligaynon: tunlon

English: risk

Hiligaynon: dahog

English: fail

English: mountaineer

English: foist

Cebuano: usyusa

English: simnel

English: lustre

English: retecious

Cebuano: hamung

English: bullirag

English: specimen

English: ponibility

English: hot-short

English: enneagynous

English: auguration

English: fallacy

English: mangue

Ilokano: makupa

Hiligaynon: luyag

English: crannoge

English: oiling

English: inflatus

Ilokano: ta

English: resistibility

Ilokano: ungat

English: bit

English: chap

English: mourn

Hiligaynon: garang-garang

Ilokano: saksak

English: suckling

Hiligaynon: sandi-ay

Cebuano: kumusta

Cebuano: dail

English: stanchless

English: extract

English: two-cleft

English: sycamore

English: acne

Hiligaynon: hibok

English: mystification

English: observation

English: conceivable

English: connascency

English: berated

Hiligaynon: tanhaga

English: apposed

Cebuano: sukub

English: arrogance

English: diacaustic

Tagalog: daga

Tagalog: kababaan

Cebuano: kuntindir

English: masticator

English: tank

Cebuano: gahut

English: candied

Hiligaynon: sapnaw

English: echini

English: immetrical

English: suitable

Cebuano: bisagra

Hiligaynon: bula

English: rebuff

English: bonnet

English: wallow

English: swimming

English: stragulum

Hiligaynon: tapdas

English: civilities

English: kadder

Hiligaynon: pamaul

English: goggle

Cebuano: maruy

Hiligaynon: ligidligid

English: gymnophthalmata

English: elemental

English: baling

Tagalog: halaghag

English: fint

English: fiat

English: appaume

English: vertebrally

English: handsel

English: stir

English: overcharge

English: supernaturalist

English: chuffy

English: frump

Hiligaynon: kompania

English: finew

Cebuano: hapyud

English: phyllophorous

Hiligaynon: bolante

English: boating

English: lomatinous

English: timeling

English: commission

English: revoking

English: bounden

Cebuano: guldigir

Cebuano: abundansiya

English: misgraft

Tagalog: sangsang

English: plesiosauria

English: wont

Waray: babaye

English: disobliging

Ilokano: lawas

Hiligaynon: uyab

English: confecture

Hiligaynon: sabding

English: core

Hiligaynon: langan-langan

English: gravel

English: unyoke

English: pyramidal

English: offset

English: oversum

English: democracy

English: podocephalous

English: hunchback

Hiligaynon: bisyo

English: borrowing

Cebuano: dariyut

English: labialism

English: buffoonish

Hiligaynon: yokot

Hiligaynon: amulya

Cebuano: pungku

English: naturalized

Cebuano: amasuna

English: wane

English: subfibrous

English: breeching

English: memorized

Hiligaynon: rawit

English: inflecting

English: apperil

Cebuano: hagus

English: sea fennel

English: pester

Ilokano: tapaw

Cebuano: bitulbitul

English: tangent

English: yank

Cebuano: hilbas

English: assignability

Hiligaynon: pahawa

English: orbit

English: honored

English: defacement

English: lead

English: spring

English: ochry

English: ferment

English: gibingly

English: divergency

English: theanthropist

Hiligaynon: tibal

English: portance

English: acrimoniousness

English: siding

English: domed

Cebuano: granati

Hiligaynon: turubok

English: self-banished

English: stationary

English: purpureal

English: tufty

English: chape

English: ferrous

English: cavalierism

English: thither

Tagalog: ubos

English: wager

Hiligaynon: ulaynon

English: catchword

English: country

English: stereographically

English: brussels

English: ruff

Hiligaynon: panalok

English: dow

English: distractile

Cebuano: liskag

English: strung

English: pismire

Tagalog: lusot

English: stress

English: rodent

Hiligaynon: sayang-sayang

English: nippers

Ilokano: laud

English: kohl-rabies

Hiligaynon: matimgas

Cebuano: hulikab

English: start

English: rhodammonium

Hiligaynon: siha

English: stretching

English: misshape

English: tusk-shell

Cebuano: suwat

English: trigenic

English: unpoison

English: hollands

English: penfold

Tagalog: baylarina

Cebuano: kisi

English: tortious

English: luminosity

English: pontine

English: undertaxed

Hiligaynon: kaputian

English: astrotheology

Hiligaynon: angila

English: clutch

English: lunate

English: bill

English: cadger

English: buffle-headed

Tagalog: tunog

English: counttenance

English: valetudinarian

English: trunnioned

English: cudgel

English: wythe

English: cottaged

English: peruvian

English: exordium

Tagalog: sili

English: quick

English: chinoline

English: bisque

English: hide

English: unsteel

English: politics