STATUARY is a word in English with its meaning.

A collection of statues; statues, collectively.

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Ilokano: sapul

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English: unseen

English: warm

Hiligaynon: hakup

English: tender

English: almost

English: excrescency

English: headlong

Hiligaynon: patuad

English: auricularly

English: fashionable

English: chief

English: tetricity

English: yuen

Hiligaynon: talakdan

Hiligaynon: lintaan

English: distiller

English: alhambraic

English: albuminuria

Hiligaynon: tarotok

English: celsius

English: lithological

Cebuano: hag-as

English: attacker

English: explication

Hiligaynon: bugto

English: cheesy

Tagalog: hugot

Hiligaynon: mahapdi

English: bene

Cebuano: simtum

Cebuano: upiniyun

Cebuano: walu

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English: gallygaskins

English: cometic

Hiligaynon: sauy, sa-uy

English: commendatary

English: unison

English: saturation

English: patibulary

Tagalog: ipit

English: terebrae

Hiligaynon: hulut

English: tumblebug

English: demurrage

English: nip

English: besaint

English: pronghorn

English: lactodensimeter

Hiligaynon: tubo

Hiligaynon: galhom

Hiligaynon: gapo

English: dipyre

English: uphasp

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English: pass

Cebuano: kugi

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